About Lunar Solar

Our Story

Lunar Solar is a family-based business, led by the Husband & Wife duo, Francois & Charina Joubert. Together, they have nurtured a unique company culture founded on Christian principles and a family-oriented environment. Their journey began with the remarkable opportunity presented by Lunar Solar, founded by Francois Joubert. The allure of a self-sustainable lifestyle resonated deeply with them, as they recognized its potential to revolutionize society.

Our Journey

From humble beginnings in a home office, Lunar Solar has achieved unprecedented growth. Their journey has led to the establishment of offices in Cape Town, breaking conventional limitations and proving that success knows no bounds. With a dedicated team of over 25 members and more than 580 switched-on solar installations in just over a year, Lunar Solar has truly made its mark on the industry.

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Our Vision

Lunar Solar has evolved into a bespoke solar installation company, catering to high-end clientele with personalized luxury solar solutions. They prioritize fostering personalized customer experiences, starting with building individual relationships. Their approach involves creating custom solar designs for homes and businesses, offering top-notch workmanship, and providing personalized after-sales services and additional value.

Embracing the Future

The journey of Lunar Solar is far from over. Driven by their passion for the self-sustainable lifestyle, they are branching into water and gas divisions, poised for expansion in the near future. As they continue their path, one thing remains certain: they are only getting started.

Our Team

Charina Joubert - Managing Director Lunar Solar

Charina Joubert

Managing Director

Francois Joubert Operations Director Lunar Solar - Lunar Solar

Francois Joubert

Operations Director

James - Operations Manager Lunar Solar


Nasja - Compliance Officer & Stock Management Lunar Solar


Zenobia - Office Manager & Pre-Install Client Liaison Lunar Solar


Mandla - Aftersales Repairs, Quality Control & Compliance Lunar Solar


Mike - Aftersales & Post-Install Client Liaison Lunar Solar


Install Support Team - Lunar Solar

Install Support Team

Installation Team led by Justen 1 - Lunar Solar

Installation Team led by Justen

Installation Team led by Rudie 1 - Lunar Solar

Installation Team led by Rudie